The cost of America’s military commitments around the world dwarfs its military aid to Israel. Furthermore, Israel invests all of the aid in the US defense industry, in accordance with the two countries’ 2016 Memorandum of Understanding brokered under the Obama administration.

Any Palestinian children detained by Israel are held in the Israel Prison Service, which is civilian-run. Reasons for detainment of Palestinian children include violent acts such as rock throwing, Molotov cocktail attacks, or even murder. Palestinian media, government officials, and religious leaders frequently encourage violence against Israeli civilians.

In the words of its own cofounders, the BDS movement’s goal is to replace the Jewish state of Israel with an Arab-majority state. In a world of self-determining peoples, BDS leaders believe that only the Jews should have nationhood stripped from them.

Segregationist policies that denote apartheid don't exist in Israel, and such accusations are employed to demonize Israel. Every Israeli citizen is treated equally under law. In fact, an Arab-Israeli judge has sentenced a former Jewish president to jail. Gazan Palestinians and the vast majority of West Bank Palestinians live under the purview of separate governments.

The maps confuse ethnic and national categories (Jewish and Israeli, Arab and Palestinian), property and sovereignty, and the Palestinian national movement with Arab states ruling over occupied territory for a generation. The 4th map wrongly depicts the results of the Oslo Accords. 

Menachem Begin’s quote is distorted. Begin's actual quote (from a 1982 address to the Knesset) refers not to “Palestinians,” but to terrorists targeting Israeli children. Keep in mind that in 1980, Palestinian terrorists captured toddlers and babies in Kibbutz Misgav Am and held them as hostages.

Since 2000, Palestinian leaders have turned down at least three proposals (in 2000, 2001, and 2008) to end Israeli military presence in the West Bank and create a Palestinian Arab state in most of the territory. Many Israelis are hesitant to unilaterally withdraw from the West Bank - which they captured after Jordan’s attack on Israel in 1967 - due to fear that Hamas will take over the territory, as they did in Gaza in 2007.

David Ben Gurion’s quote is fabricated.

“Free Palestine from the river to the sea” (and variants of this phrase) are employed not only by anti-Zionist activists, but by terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Fatah, to advocate for the dissolution of the state of Israel.  

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 As CAMERA’s Tamar Sternthal has noted, “While limited sections of West Bank roads are barred to Palestinian traffic, they are open to all Israelis, Jewish, Christian and Muslim alike.” She has also pointed out that “Not only are Israeli Arabs and other Israeli non-Jews permitted to ride Israeli buses in the West Bank, but Palestinians may also ride Israeli West Bank buses (although only those with permits may enter Israeli settlements or Jerusalem).”

More than 1,000 innocent Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks between 2000 and 2005. After Israel completed the construction of its security fence in 2005 to impede the infiltration of suicide bombers and other terrorists into Israel, the number of terrorist attacks decreased by 90%, and Israel saw a 70% reduction of civilians murders by terrorists. Furthermore, the fence (which is 5% concrete) is not illegal under international law - it is, as the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has noted, “a necessary and proportional response to a campaign of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes by Palestinians.

There is absolutely no evidence that exchange programs between American police and Israeli police bolster racist practices. The libel has been thoroughly refuted by those with firsthand knowledge of the content of the programs. As CAMERA’s Ricki Hollander has noted, “the campaign is built entirely on fabrications brazenly promoted by Israel antagonists whose distinguishing goal is to stir up hatred against the Jewish state and Jewish organizations in the U.S.”

Israel is not sterilizing and has not sterilized Ethiopian women. This dangerous myth that originated from a 2012 investigation by Israeli journalist Gal Gabai was quickly debunked. The Depo Provera shot is a popular form of birth control in Ethiopia that is effective for three months at a time and was offered to female Ethiopian immigrants to Israel due to the drug’s prevalence in Ethiopia. No one was coerced or forced to take the shot.

In reality, as CAMERA’s Alex Safian has documented, “every year at least 40 MCM (million cubic meters) of water from sources within Israel is piped over the Green Line for Palestinian use in the West Bank.” Additionally, “despite the virtual declaration of war against Israel by the Hamas rulers of Gaza, Israel still sends to Gaza another 4 MCM of Israeli water annually.” Therefore, Palestinians use Israeli water.

Article 17 of the Oslo II accords designates the Palestinian Authority responsible for vaccinating its citizens. In fact, the Accords provide the basis for Palestinian autonomy. Those who argue that they “don’t apply” in this instance are, ironically, arguing against the very legitimacy of Palestinian self-governance.

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